Tim Cook talks about TV

"When you go into your living room you've stepped back in time" said Tim Cook in an interview with the Wall Street Journal where he talked about many interesting products Apple is working on; Apple Pay, the Apple Watch and what interested us most here at Vigour: TV interfaces.

Not only because Apple is still very secretive about the Apple TV, but also because we share a certain vision with Tim Cook on this matter. The idea that the full spectrum of our entertainment experience hasn't changed much since color tv sets were still exciting. In his own words:

I think the current system has a lot to be desired. Content is really great, but I think if you go beyond the content, we're living in the 1970s.

Somehow the content that we're watching is able to keep up with its audience, the user experience however, is still focused on single screen consumption. When you think about the customers' interaction patterns, you soon realise that they've changed a lot since the 1970's.

I think what HBO is doing is very smart. I applaud what they're doing. They're thinking about the consumer, and content companies win, just like any other company wins, when they really focus on the consumer.

When you see that the industry is slow to catch up with these radical changes in viewing habits, it's understandable that Tim Cook sees huge opportunities within this market.

You work on your computer and iPads and iPhones one way and then you go into your living room and you've stepped back in time. I think there's a lot to be done in this area. What we'll do I don't want to be so clear on, but it's an area of a lot of interest. I'm optimistic that there can be something great done in this space.

On that note we hope that Tim Cook succeeds in Apple's mission to extend their user experiences to the living room... and hope we can contribute with Vigour based iOS TV apps...that also play nice with your Google glass.

Check out the whole interview here:

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