Integrated brand experiences

Facebook published a report called "The World in Their Hands" this month where they analyzed the device behavior of young people between the ages 16 - 24 around the globe. While most of the findings were nothing new, it did offer a key takeaway that was a nice confirmation of our vision. The vision that people are seamlessly switching between devices, and the best way to facilitate this behavior is to create an 'integrated brand experience'.

As multiscreening becomes the norm, marketers can turn what could be perceived as a distraction into an integrated brand experience. Strong content coupled with an integrated media approach can create “surround sound” where a brand’s message, voice and identity are clear, consistent and recognizable across devices and screens.

This statement predicts that multiscreening will be the norm and the best way to anticipate this trend is by embracing it. IAB published a report that was very similar called Media Multitaskers and Purchase Influence:

Perhaps the most important reason to target this group is that since multitasking behavior is growing at a fast pace, today’s Media Multitaskers will soon become tomorrow’s typical consumers. By embracing the new way consumers watch TV - which includes an online accompaniment - advertisers can meet consumers on their terms by offering an integrated brand experience across screens, thereby deepening their relationship with the consumer.

It's like The shift to constant connectivity, where teens and young adults were at the forefront of the rapid adoption of the mobile internet and the always-on lifestyle it has made possible. During this shift, Google, IAB and many other experts published reports predicting this trend and offered valuable insights for companies who focused on their customer.
During my time at Google, I saw first hand that companies who were first to adopt this new lifestyle within their brand experience booked great results, learned a great deal and gained an head start over their competitors.

At Vigour, we're proud to work with some of the biggest and most innovative media companies who want to lead by example. In January we will help our first customer bridge the gap between devices with a commercial launch that facilitates more than a million multiscreeners across Europe. It will be an interesting learning curve for all of us and we are looking forward to add our own insights to the large knowledge base of existing research.

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